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Wed Nov 14 04:23:25 PST 2012

On 14/11/12 12:08, Jamie Paul Griffin wrote:
> / Stapleton, Steven J. (James) wrote on Wed 14.Nov'12 at 11:30:59 +0000 /
>>> without any polemic, i does not understand why OS X
>>> cannot mount (at least "RDONLY" a ufs partition...
>> As an avid FreeBSD user, I don't think I've found any way to mount it, even RO on Linux or Windows either, although there's options for ext[2-4] on Windows, and a whole slew of other on Linux. I think it amounts to the relatively low popularity of FreeBSD on the desktop market (where you'll see dual booting). It's a shame, but rather understandable. Nobody's found it worth the effort to port to other OSes. If I had the skill, I certainly would.
>> -Jim Stapleton
> I might be completely wrong here, but what about installing FreeBSD on a pen/flash drive and mounting it from that, would that be possible? It's not something i've ever looked into - not yet anyway - but there must be some way around it. Of course that option might not be desirable anyway to the OP.

You suggest installing FreeBSD on a pen drive, then booting the mac from 
that ? Not sure that would work well, if at all.

Better I wuld say to install FreeBSD as a virtual machine, and mount the 
disk in that, whilst still running OSX as the host OS. You could then 
set the VM up to share the UFS drive back to the host machine.


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