FreeBSD partition

Jamie Paul Griffin jamie at
Wed Nov 14 04:08:09 PST 2012

/ Stapleton, Steven J. (James) wrote on Wed 14.Nov'12 at 11:30:59 +0000 /

> > without any polemic, i does not understand why OS X
> > cannot mount (at least "RDONLY" a ufs partition...
> As an avid FreeBSD user, I don't think I've found any way to mount it, even RO on Linux or Windows either, although there's options for ext[2-4] on Windows, and a whole slew of other on Linux. I think it amounts to the relatively low popularity of FreeBSD on the desktop market (where you'll see dual booting). It's a shame, but rather understandable. Nobody's found it worth the effort to port to other OSes. If I had the skill, I certainly would.
> -Jim Stapleton

I might be completely wrong here, but what about installing FreeBSD on a pen/flash drive and mounting it from that, would that be possible? It's not something i've ever looked into - not yet anyway - but there must be some way around it. Of course that option might not be desirable anyway to the OP. 

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