FreeBSD partition

Stapleton, Steven J. (James) stapleton.41 at
Wed Nov 14 04:23:45 PST 2012

> I might be completely wrong here, but what about installing FreeBSD on a pen/flash drive and mounting it from that, would that be possible? 
> It's not something i've ever looked into - not yet anyway - but there must be some way around it. Of course that option might not be desirable 
> anyway to the OP. 

You'd probably have to use VM software that could open a hardware drive (or BIOS partition*) as a drive for the guest, and then export the partition on a NFS or Samba share. I've not played with VMs on my Mac, but I'd be very surprised some didn't have that option.

*I have to say it like that, because the *BSDs use a definition of partition similar to Solaris, and this reduces ambiguity as to which I'm referring.

-Jim Stapleton

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