Kerberos 5 klist -s segfaults on expired ticket

Joseph Areeda newsreply at
Sat Nov 24 10:42:16 PST 2012


I'm working on Mac OS 10.7.5 Lion. with
> port info kerberos5
> kerberos5 @1.7.2 (net, security)
I know Lion has it's own Kerberos, incompatible with the port but I'm 
working with a class library that links against Kerb and the developer 
says we have to have the port.

I have a script that tests for a valid kerberos ticket by running klist -s

It works find if I have a valid ticket or now ticket but if the ticket 
is expired I get:

> $ /opt/local/bin/klist -s
> Segmentation fault: 11

Any suggestions?  Is there another way to test for a valid ticket?


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