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Phil Dobbin phildobbin at
Thu Oct 4 08:24:37 PDT 2012

Jasper Frumau wrote:

> I keep on getting errors with Perl on my Dreamhost VPS Server (Debian
> Linux) Sample:
> !309
> ~/bin/ <> check
> perl: warning: Setting locale failed.
> perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:
>     LANGUAGE = (unset),
>     LC_ALL = (unset),
>     LC_COLLATE = "C",
>     LC_CTYPE = "UTF-8",
>     LANG = (unset)
>     are supported and installed on your system.
> perl: warning: Falling back to the standard locale ("C").
> Check PsManager setup


Try this:

`$ sudo apt-get update
 $ sudo apt-get install belocs-locales-bin belocs-locales-data

$ sudo vim /etc/locale.gen
# en_US ISO-8859-1
# en_US.ISO-8859-15 ISO-8859-15
# en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8
# en_ZA ISO-8859-1
# en_ZA.UTF-8 UTF-8`

find the locale you need & uncomment it

`$ sudo locale-gen
Generating locales...
en_US.UTF-8 (or whatever you choose)... done
Generation complete`

That should fix it. If it doesn't, try:

`$ sudo apt-get install locales
$  sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales`

& follow the on-screen instructions.



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