KMyMoney4 +no_gtk +no_x11 fails because gtk is installed anyway and more...

Peter Hedlund peter at
Thu Oct 4 12:04:14 PDT 2012


I started from scratch (new macports installation, I have used macports before) trying to do

sudo port install kmymoney4 +no_gtk +no_x11

but this fails

1. gtk2 is still installed and
2. installation of gtk2 fails because cairo requires +quartz

OK, I thought, let's accept gtk, so I worked around that by adding +quartz to cairo.

But, next fail:

3. Error: org.macports.configure for port libiodbc returned: gtk2 must be installed with +x11.

So, now I would have to add all the x11 stuff which I did not want. This last failure is due to a recent change in

Any suggestions? I would happily file tickets, but for which port?


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