Need help with automake install, gettext

Clark Newman clarknewman at
Fri Oct 12 09:30:28 PDT 2012


I am trying to install automake with MacPorts 2.1.2, Xcode 4.5.1, OS X

I try "sudo port install automake" and the error is:

Error: org.macports.configure for port p5.12-locale-gettext returned:
> configure failure: command execution failed
> Error: Failed to install p5.12-locale-gettext

I've attached the log regarding this. It seems the most applicable line says

:info:configure gettext function not found. Please install libintl at
> Makefile.PL line 18.

I tried the fix to Makefile.PL as directed in the trac ticket 28789 but to
no avail, same errors. There are many tickets out there that have been
deemed duplicates and refer back to 28789, and many more which pop up
during google searches. There's a lot of stuff out there so this seems like
a common thing, maybe I'm using incompatible combinations of OS, macports,
and Xcode...

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