I need consultation on running WINE on the Mac

William H. Magill magill at mac.com
Mon Oct 15 23:27:47 PDT 2012

I know this is not a MacPorts issue, so please direct this to somewhere that makes sense.....

Basically, I'm a total newbee when it comes to RAW WINE. I've historically used Codeweavers Crossover which is Wine 1.4.1
Which is packaged to run quite nicely under Mountain Lion (10.8.2)

I play LOTRO, which just did a major upgrade, and therefore no longer runs under 1.4.1

WINEhq has a fix which requires WINE 1.1.15. 
However, the folks there are al LINUX types.

SO..... I just installed MacPorts wine-dev 1.5.15 and now I need to do two things. (That I know of.)
1- Find out how to apply the patch (which I believe is a classic diff file)-- I have no idea how badly that will break the MacPorts installation.
2- Find out how to configure "raw WINE"  on the mac. In particular how to point it to the existing Crossover WINE Bottles.

Pointers to appropriate OSX oriented instructions are desired.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

William H. Magill
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# XP1000 [Alpha 21264-A (EV6-7) - 256 meg] FreeBSD 5.3
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