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On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 9:53 AM, Comer Duncan <comer.duncan at>wrote:

> Error: Unable to upgrade port: Can't install zmq because conflicting ports
> are installed: zmq22
> zmq @3.2.0-rc1 (devel, net)
>     ØMQ (ZeroMQ) lightweight messaging kernel
> zmq22 @2.2.0 (devel, net)
>     ØMQ (ZeroMQ) lightweight messaging kernel, 2.2.x branch
> So my question is what can I do now?  Which zmq ports are conflicting? Of
> the conflicting ones which is

Seems pretty clear:  zmq is the 3.2.0rc1 version, zmq22 is the 2.2.0
version.  You need to figure out which ports require which and see if it's
possible to get them to all use the same version, as all of the zmq* ports
probably install in the same place.

Likely what triggered this is that you have multiple ports that depend on
some version of zmq, and one of them now requires the 3.2.0rc1 version
instead of 2.2.0.

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