question about zmq

Clemens Lang cal at
Tue Oct 23 07:27:36 PDT 2012


On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 09:53:09AM -0400, Comer Duncan wrote:
> Error: Unable to upgrade port: Can't install zmq because conflicting
> ports are installed: zmq22

ZMQ has recently been upgraded to 3.2. The previous version of ZMQ is
available as zmq22. All ports that need ZMQ as dependency now depend on

All ports that did depend on zmq now depend on zmq22 and had their
revision increased (which should have triggered a rebuild on your
system). Also, updating those ports should have installed zmq22 and
automatically deactivated your previsouly installed zmq (which was
version 2.2.0 then). Did this not happen for you?

Can you please provide the output of
    port echo dependents:zmq22
    port -v installed zmq

You can just uninstall the zmq port unless you specifically need zmq 3.2
for your development needs.

Clemens Lang

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