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Thanks for the comments.

> Can you please provide the output of
>     port echo dependents:zmq22
> and
>     port -v installed zmq

port echo dependents:zmq22

Can't map the URL 'dependents:zmq22' to a port description file ("Can't
parse url dependents:zmq22").
Please verify that the directory and portfile syntax are correct.
Error: Can't open URL 'dependents:zmq22' as a port

port -v installed zmq

The following ports are currently installed:
  zmq @2.2.0_0 platform='darwin 12' archs='x86_64'

So, the first query gives a strange response does it not? And the second
confirms that zmp 2.2.0 is installed.  I am running on a macbook pro under
Mountain Lion for several months now.

I can surely uninstall zmq22. The only application that I am aware which
needs zmq is the development version of ipython.  ipython is important to
me, so I don't want to make a change which will cause problems when the
next git pull is done (I do that every week or so).  I looked on the page for zmq to see whether they make explicit reference to a
version of zmq and found  none. So I looked at the zmq page and see that
3.2 is the current stable version.  So I am inclined to nuke zmq22 and
install zmq version 3.2.

Thanks for your help.  Any comments are welcome.


> You can just uninstall the zmq port unless you specifically need zmq 3.2
> for your development needs.
> --
> Clemens Lang
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