SyCoCa - Fixing broken KDE apps

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Sun Sep 16 06:06:32 PDT 2012

Dear Ian,

thanks very much for your detailed info about this!

My ports kmymoney4(-devel) and skrooge ALREADY MAKE USE of this

post-activate {
    # Calling kbuildsycoca4 in case KDE hasn't called it yet to make sure that plugins are loaded.
    system "${prefix}/bin/kbuildsycoca4"

because back then I also stumbled over this problem.

But, you are right, introducing option "--noincremental" seems a good idea and I'll update these ports accordingly.


I just had a look at skrooge, since I THOUGHT it was broken due to OTHER REASONS...
BUT, after running kbuildsycoca4 (even w/o the above option) it suddenly worked again.

So, it looks as if the cache - just as you described - was in an inconsistent state due to some other KDE4-related port updates…

I reply to this thread with adding snc to the CC list, since he's most actively taking care of KDE4 ports.

THANKS AGAIN, Ian, for bringing this issue to attention! :)


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