SyCoCa - Fixing broken KDE apps

Nicolas Pavillon nicos at
Mon Sep 17 18:49:50 PDT 2012


Sorry for the slightly late response, but I noticed something which bugs me: 

> My ports kmymoney4(-devel) and skrooge ALREADY MAKE USE of this
> post-activate {
>    # Calling kbuildsycoca4 in case KDE hasn't called it yet to make sure that plugins are loaded.
>    system "${prefix}/bin/kbuildsycoca4"
> }

To the best of my understanding, this was not possible to apply this approach on the ports I am maintaining, because kbuildsycoca needs to be run at user level, and not system. In the particular case I am thinking about, kdevelop, running it from the Portfile had no effect (there had been some discussion in the mailing list to try to run it from within the Portfile at user level, but with no direct solution). 

It is just that if indeed this can be run within the standard installation process, this would greatly simplify things.



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