SyCoCa - Fixing broken KDE apps

MK-MacPorts at MK-MacPorts at
Thu Sep 20 23:23:02 PDT 2012

> So please, Macports developers, let's be positive about this.
> I won't even start investigating further if the response is likely to be "headache"
> and PITA.

Thanks, Ian, for your dedication!
I am very happy you are PRO keeping KDE alive on MacPorts!
The matter of fact is that I am mainly active here on MacPorts in order to keep KMyMoney up and running, because it's my favorite finance application - back from Linux times! Although I could run it on a virtual Linux I prefer to have it natively on my Mac.
So, don't take my PITA comment too serious. ;-)
Greets, Marko

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