SyCoCa - Fixing broken KDE apps

Jamie Paul Griffin jamie at
Fri Sep 21 04:10:34 PDT 2012

[ MK-MacPorts at wrote on Fri 21.Sep'12 at  8:23:02 +0200 ]

> > So please, Macports developers, let's be positive about this.
> > 
> > I won't even start investigating further if the response is likely to be "headache"
> > and PITA.
> Thanks, Ian, for your dedication!
> I am very happy you are PRO keeping KDE alive on MacPorts!
> The matter of fact is that I am mainly active here on MacPorts in order to keep KMyMoney up and running, because it's my favorite finance application - back from Linux times! Although I could run it on a virtual Linux I prefer to have it natively on my Mac.
> So, don't take my PITA comment too serious. ;-)
> Greets, Marko

Yes likewise. It wasn't my intention to knock anyone for wanting to pursue with
getting these things working on the Mac platform, it's just I personally
have not had a great experience with KDE generally, on any platform. 

The work that you and others put into the development of these
applications is commendable. I was merely thinking and writing out loud.
I'm sorry if I put across a negative message, and on re-reading my post
I guess I did. So sorry about that. 

Personally, I'll stick with my simple UNIX window environments, and the
OS X Aqua desktop (naturally). 

Best wishes, and good luck :-)


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