mythtv backend firewire support

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at
Sun Sep 23 05:38:54 PDT 2012

At 8:02 PM -0700 9/22/12, Joann Bessler wrote:
>On the mythtv-users list Craig mentioned that it may be possible to 
>enable firewire support on the backend with the macports build. I 
>would be interested in that support, and could contribute some 
>limited time (with my limited skill set) to help with this. Let me 
>know how to proceed.

Hi Joann:

It _may_ be possible.  I think it may be a hack job, though, as there 
seem to be very few firewire users in general anymore and very few on 
(Just about the bottom of the page.)

The recommended strategy is to add another variant to the port that 
looks for the required framework and turns on the firewire option 
when found:

Like the recipe for elephant soup, first we need the firewire 
framework.  Are you running the G5 still?  I think JYA had to develop 
some patches to keep it working on Intel.  I believe there is 
something on his web site.

Why don't we take this off-list see if we can figure out something to 
make this work?  Unfortunately, I'm going to be tied up most of the 
day so I won't be able to do much at the moment.


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