/Library/Frameworks/ (was Re: mythtv backend firewire support)

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at cogeco.ca
Sun Sep 23 11:28:54 PDT 2012


Quick question for those who know(TM):  so if we build the 
AVCVideoServices.framework (outside of MacPorts), is it appropriate 
to store it to store it in /Library/Frameworks/ ?  From the look of 
it, third party software uses this folder for frameworks but I can't 
quickly see a definitive answer on the Apple Developer site.



At 8:38 AM -0400 9/23/12, Craig Treleaven wrote:
>At 8:02 PM -0700 9/22/12, Joann Bessler wrote:
>>On the mythtv-users list Craig mentioned that it may be possible to 
>>enable firewire support on the backend with the macports build. I 
>>would be interested in that support, and could contribute some 
>>limited time (with my limited skill set) to help with this. Let me 
>>know how to proceed.
>Hi Joann:
>It _may_ be possible.  I think it may be a hack job, though, as 
>there seem to be very few firewire users in general anymore and very 
>few on OS X.
>(Just about the bottom of the page.)
>The recommended strategy is to add another variant to the port that 
>looks for the required framework and turns on the firewire option 
>when found:
>Like the recipe for elephant soup, first we need the firewire 
>framework.  Are you running the G5 still?  I think JYA had to 
>develop some patches to keep it working on Intel.  I believe there 
>is something on his web site.
>Why don't we take this off-list see if we can figure out something 
>to make this work?  Unfortunately, I'm going to be tied up most of 
>the day so I won't be able to do much at the moment.
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