Getting started as a total novice with emulators for various old Nintendo games on intel iMacs

David Evans devans at
Mon Sep 24 08:37:50 PDT 2012

My disabled daughter is very smart at using an iMac, an iPad, and Windows machines at her Adult Day Centre. She has been playing a slew of Super Mario games on most Nintendo machines since childhood, and also some SNES games ported for WinXP. Now she wants to get back to "good old favorite" games, which are no longer easy to find secondhand here in Melbourne Australia.

She cannot go online under the policy of the Care residence she lives in, so I have to get appropriate downloads of ported versions of her preferred games, on my Snow Leopard laptop, and then transfer them to her iMac (Snow Leopard). It does not discourage me if I have to learn from scratch to program with Automator or AppleScript or learn to write actual code to port non-violent and happy-making games onto Snow Leopard or later MacOS versions. I'm still a few years younger than the famous philosopher Goethe was when he started to learn Classical Greek at age 80.

I`d greatly appreciate guidance, help, and mentoring meeting this challenge. I stumbled on the macports site while googling "emulators for nintendo games on mac".

Thanks everyone! David.

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