Getting started as a total novice with emulators for various old Nintendo games on intel iMacs

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Mon Sep 24 08:24:49 PDT 2012

Good Afternoon David,

I found this: . I haven't had the
time yet to download the emulators and try them though.

BTW, if I may: David Evans, as "THE David Evans from Coursera's CS101"?


On Monday, September 24, 2012, David Evans wrote:

> My disabled daughter is very smart at using an iMac, an iPad, and Windows
> machines at her Adult Day Centre. She has been playing a slew of Super
> Mario games on most Nintendo machines since childhood, and also some SNES
> games ported for WinXP. Now she wants to get back to "good old favorite"
> games, which are no longer easy to find secondhand here in Melbourne
> Australia.
> She cannot go online under the policy of the Care residence she lives in,
> so I have to get appropriate downloads of ported versions of her preferred
> games, on my Snow Leopard laptop, and then transfer them to her iMac (Snow
> Leopard). It does not discourage me if I have to learn from scratch to
> program with Automator or AppleScript or learn to write actual code to port
> non-violent and happy-making games onto Snow Leopard or later MacOS
> versions. I'm still a few years younger than the famous philosopher Goethe
> was when he started to learn Classical Greek at age 80.
> I`d greatly appreciate guidance, help, and mentoring meeting this
> challenge. I stumbled on the macports site while googling "emulators for
> nintendo games on mac".
> Thanks everyone! David.
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