anything in MacPorts to repair JPEG images?

Jamie Paul Griffin jamie at
Tue Sep 25 04:39:14 PDT 2012

[ Jim Graham wrote on Tue 25.Sep'12 at  6:29:33 -0500 ]

> On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 10:32:10AM +0200, Jean Gobin wrote:
> > Jim,
> > 
> > If you haven't written to the card yet, you may be able to recover what's
> > on it by using "Foremost". Connect the card to your mac, and use
> > 
> > mkdir mysalvagedcard
> > foremost -i <your card device> -o mysalvagedcard
> > 
> > It should recover whatever files that are on the card, deleted or not. The
> > key point is that if you wrote on the card afterwards, certain files might
> > be incomplete or corrupted.
> Actually, after I told iPhoto to go away, I did a
> "mv [camera mount dir]/DCIM/100NIKON/* ~/hunting/eglin_range/" ... so the
> images were deleted.  Then, after seeing that they'd been nuked
> (apparently by iPhoto), I copied them back, and that's when I saw them
> display correctly for a fraction of a second, and then have the bottom
> 80% or so go to noise, and last night, re-formatted the CF card).  I DO
> still have the saved images on my Mac, though.  Oh, and I do know that
> the images were all fine (viewed on my camera) before iPhoto tried to
> grab them.
> So, can Foremost still help?  Or are these just lost (not a huge issue,
> but still I'd like to be able to recover them)?
Hi Jim

If i'm not mistaken, ImageMagick can repair photos and other image formats. It's very powerful. There are lots of tools with it and also people have written a number of scripts that are available online that do all sorts of things with images. It's commandline-based, you'll need to read a lot on thier site to get used to it but it's worth it, not just for your current problem but for future use as well.

Perhaps someone on the list has experience with ImageMagick that can confirm and/or make further comments?

Good luck, Jamie

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