is gone

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sat Sep 29 13:58:02 PDT 2012

Some of you may have used the service to learn about commits made to the MacPorts Subversion repository. We used to announce commits to the #MacPorts IRC channel. I myself used the web site as a convenient way to see a list of commits made by specific developers.

Unfortunately, due to communication problems between the developers of and their hosting service, the server was deleted, and there are no backups that can be restored, so the service is permanently gone.

Bill, you can take any scripts in our infrastructure offline, but keep a copy somewhere in case a similar service emerges in the future that we can switch to.

I still don't find a way to see a Subversion history filtered by a specific committer in Trac. I'm not entirely surprised, since Subversion itself doesn't have that function either. But if there's a Trac plugin we could install to get that, I'd appreciate it.

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