MacPorts gpg-agent causing strange hardware behavior

Derek Ashley Thomas derekathomas at
Sun Sep 30 23:21:16 PDT 2012

I recently discovered after upgrading to 10.8.1 and 10.8.2 that gpg-agent
as installed with MacPorts causes strange behavior on my MacBookPro. I am
having a hard time tracking down a fix for it, so I wanted to ask some

The problem is that whenever `gpg-agent` runs to collect a password, it
causes my keyboard+trackpad to become intermittently non-functional
(stalling for 2~10 seconds at a time, 1~4 times a minute). As soon as I
kill the agent (`killall gpg-agent`) the problem stops. I installed gnupg2
from gnupg website (which also installs gpg-agent) with the library
dependencies of MacPorts, which did not show this problem. Therefore, I
think the problem is specific to the MacPorts installation of gnupg2 or

Admittedly, the behavior is quite strange. Are there any thoughts or
suggestions on how to track this problem down? I would love to be able to
just simply install through MacPorts for ease, but that is not an option if
my keyboard and trackpad become non-functional as a result.

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