Problem with std::istream::get

Geoffrey Odhner Geoffrey at
Sun Dec 8 11:24:34 PST 2013

Now I have a problem with std::istream::get.  I resolved my problem with 
the backslash adequately for now. I neglected the one syntax that is 
accepted by the regex parser, octal encoding. \134 is accepted as 
specifying a literal backslash.  Now I do intend to file a bug report on 
the crash caused by the hex and Unicode formats, but now that I have the 
octal form parsing, I've found that my actual data isn't being read by 
the input routine.  When I have a std::istream infile, and do 
infile.get(char*), it's supposed to read up to but not including the 
newline, so I should be able to do an infile.peek() and see the newline, 
or do an infile.get() and get the newline, but I can't.  Instead there's 
an '\xff', which doesn't exist in the real file.  What's going on?  Is 
there any documentation that tells my why I should be getting this 
behavior?  I appreciate any enlightenment anyone can send my way.


Geoffrey Odhner

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