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Mark Anderson emer at
Sun Dec 8 18:01:51 PST 2013

I tried sometime ago, fife is not the easiest thing to build on the mac.
But I'd be willing to help out. If you can help figure out how to get it to
compile, we can make a port file.

Mark E. Anderson <emer at>

On Sun, Dec 8, 2013 at 5:05 PM, Jean-François Caron <jfcaron at>wrote:

> Hi, I am wondering if anyone with the skill is able to try updating &
> fixing the port "fife".  The current version is at 0.3.1 and the latest is
> 0.3.6-ish, and a cool-looking game needs at least 0.3.4 (Unknown Horizons).
>  fife also doesn't build, I get the same error as here:
> According to the game devs for Unknown Horizons, getting fife installed on
> a Mac is the major obstacle to people trying the game on Macs.  If fife
> could be made to work again, then there would be the potential to create a
> new port for the Unknown Horizons game itself, which would be very exciting.
> The people on #unknown-horizons on freenode seem to be very willing to
> help, but I think I'm over my head just trying to compile the thing myself,
> yet alone fixing a portfile.
> Jean-François
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