Installing mysql for digikam

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Thu Dec 12 09:05:03 PST 2013

I think I answered these questions in the previous email…

On Dec 12, 2013, at 09:07, David Lyon wrote:

> Well, I guess I have created another conundrum. The reference you provided, I erroneously assumed that the Host Name was the one associated with the port # (3306) you provided.

They are “associated”, in that you are instructing digikam to connect to a particular communications port on a particular hostname (i.e. computer).

> So I, after failing with "localhost”,

In what way did it fail?

> entered as the Host Name but apparently it is not correct, as digikam is not opening and provided the error message below.

If “” is the IP address of the MySQL server, and you don’t expect the IP address to change, then this is fine.

As I said before, if the MySQL server and digikam program are to run on the same computer, then you should be able to use “localhost” or “” as the hostname, otherwise you can use the hostname or IP address of the MySQL server.

> I think if I can find the correct items for Host Name; Port: my user name: and my password; digikam should work. When I was configuring mysql last evening, I received an indication that my mysql ID was "10". I reset the password successfully and was confirmed. Any suggestions or guidance will be appreciated.

“10” is an unlikely username. As I said, a MySQL server comes pre-configured with a single username, “root”. You can either instruct digikam to use that, or use a MySQL utility to create a different MySQL user just for digikam and instruct digikam to use that.

Also, you included your password in the portion of the error message you quoted, so you should change that password anywhere you’ve used it, since that email message has been distributed to the hundreds of subscribers of this list and also posted in this mailing list’s public archives on the web.

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