How to make c++ realize empty character constant ''?

Juhász Ádám jadaml at
Sat Dec 14 03:21:55 PST 2013

Oh dear. Just as I went around to do some research, I've realised that what
I'm actually talking about is ‘cc’ and not ‘cpp’, just mixed them up. (I
couldn't understand, why we couldn't agree.) For quite while I use
makefiles instead of the actual command and so this could easily slip my

That wasn't what I wanted to say anyways, I just wanted to point out, that
g++ (or gcc) is just what it called in the GNU family, and on the Mac,
Clang took it's place since Mavericks. With different tools from different
vendors, it is called differently.

But cpp still a C pre-compiler and we all can agree, that it is needed for
MacPorts, otherwise neither cc nor c++ would work properly, right?

I feel stupid now, and actually I wasn't needed here to begin with, so
sorry for the commotion.
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