How to make c++ realize empty character constant ''?

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> the cpp (as a command) usually used to compile C codes, and it is heavily used by MacPorts (where the program was written in C) since MacPorts compiles the ports from source right there, on your Mac. One could use c++ (or g++) instead of cpp for C.
This is utterly wrong: look at cpp’s man page, it’s a C *pre-processor*. It does no compilation whatsoever. Its sole function is to process the “#…” directives, such as splicing the "#include”-d headers into the source file, removing parts of the source in the wrong arm of an “#ifdef”, or expanding "#define”-d macros. 
> However, the GNU compiler is also capable to select the proper language and use the proper tools for compillation, so GNU's cpp will compile… I believe Fortran, or even Java, if the proper alternative GNU compiler present.
Not at all. Cpp is used automatically by the C compiler to deal with macros in the source file. It’s not intended to call the compiler itself, much less smart enough to choose the right compiler for the language.


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