phinze/homebrew-cask on the same system like MacPorts

James Linder jam at
Wed Dec 18 16:52:52 PST 2013

On 19/12/2013, at 4:00 AM, macports-users-request at wrote:

>>> I switched back to MacPorts, because brew have to less packaged
>>> software. Now found an interesting project about native GUI application=
>> s.
>>> =20
>>> =20
>>> Can I install both on my MacBook Air?
>> I wouldn't recommend having both Mac Ports & homebrew (cask or
>> otherwise) installed & in regular use at the same time on the same machin=
>> e.
>> For more info on the subject, check the list archives where you'll find
>> plenty of advice (just search for homebrew and/or /usr/local).

I hate answers that are opinions without justifing

If you are aware and technical enough to avoid the pitfalls then it's easy and works well


It's a bad idea as each install can use bits (eg libs) from the other resulting in utterly baffling errors that the people trying to help are confused by. If all works then good. If all does not work don't ask for help - it wastes time from the kindly folk who try to help.


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