disable binary archive downloads for ports install

Freek Dijkstra software at macfreek.nl
Tue Jul 23 11:33:16 PDT 2013

On 23-07-2013 18:04, Clemens Lang wrote:

>> Is there a way to enforce building of a package, thus disabling
>> downloads of precompiles binary archives?
> Use port -s or set buildfromsource always in macports.conf

Thanks Clemens & Jeremy! port -s worked like a charm.
(I now see it is in the man page; I only checked 'port help install' and
guide.macports.org, which didn't mention it either).

>> PS: for those wondering why (as a precompiled package is usually the
>> same as the one build locally): I use python32 variant +ucs4, and when
>> compiling binary modules (such as py32-Pillow), the package is
>> different based on the python variant. Apparently, the precompiled
>> version is compile --without-wide-unicode (the ucs2 variant), while
>> I'm using the ucs4 variant (--with-wide-unicode).
> That's a bug in the package you're trying to build and should be filed
> as such.

I'm happy to file a bug report, but what is the proper behaviour in this

The binary of the py32-Pillow package depends on a variant in another
package (the python32 package). How should MacPorts distinguish between
the two?


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