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> I am trying to create a port for SUNDIALS  (
>, and I have two
> questions.  It follows ./configure make make install.  So, I have a pretty
> minimal Portfile.  Using my local test portfile if I do sudo port install,
> it builds, and I see the libraries get installed into /opt/local/lib
> But, I also see these errors:
> --->  Staging sundials into destroot
> Error: No files have been installed in the destroot directory!
> Error: Please make sure that this software supports 'make install
> DESTDIR=${destroot}' or implement an alternative destroot mechanism in the
> Portfile.
> Error: Files might have been installed directly into your system, check
> before proceeding.
And this is exactly what happened, according to the log you posted. The
install installed directly to /opt/local instead of to the staging area, so
it is not possible to make a package for distribution, test for collisions
with other packages, use "port activate"/"port deactivate", etc.

You should find out what is needed to create a package instead of
installing directly. Also this is more appropriate for macports-dev.

:info:destroot /usr/bin/install -c .libs/libsundials_fkinsol.lai
> /opt/local/lib/
note that it went straight to /opt/local/lib. While it's unlikely in this
case, potentially it could have overwritten something there and you would
be none the wiser. And you still can't create a package or an archive from

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