Michael Dickens michaelld at macports.org
Mon Jun 10 11:13:52 PDT 2013

Hi Dan - Try the following:
sudo port -f uninstall qwt
sudo port clean qwt52
sudo port install qwt52
and see if that works. If it does not, it should print out which ports
are disliking what you're trying to do. You can get a list of
already-installed ports that depend on qwt via "port dependents qwt".

Which port is it that's causing the issue?

qwt (5.1.2) and qwt52 (5.2.3) are widely cross-compatible with each
other; by now, most users have updated their projects to use (at least)
qwt52; I'm probably going to drop support for qwt(5.1) in the next set
of updates; maybe move that to a qwt51 port.  qwt60 has -some- API
changes, but is partially backwards compatible with the qwt5 series. 
qwt-devel (6.1.0-rc3 right now; soon to be qwt61) introduces yet even
more API changes, but again is partially backwards compatible with prior

So, you're probably safe using qwt52, but probably not with qwt6+. 
Worst case is that some of the ports stop functioning, and you have to
go back and reinstall them to use qwt52. - MLD

On Mon, Jun 10, 2013, at 01:52 PM, Daniel Marlow wrote:
> In attempting various ports, I am encountering the following error:  
>  "Can't install qwt52 because 
> conflicting ports are installed: qwt"   I assume that a straightforward
> solution would be to uninstall qwt
> and proceed from there.    I am concerned, however, that there might be
> unintended consequences.  Is there any way to see what other programs use
> qwt?    I have the impression that at least some of these programs will
> work OK with qwt52.      If so, will these be automatic, or will I need
> to reinstall them? 

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