duplicate listing of ports by `port list installed'

j. van den hoff veedeehjay at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 19 03:33:53 PDT 2013

I have seen this already with 10.6 and currently with 10.8:

`port list installed' frequently reports several of the installed ports  
repeatedly (I see 2-4 times) on consecutive lines (including the  
`@num.num' version designation, i.e. seemingly exact duplicates). which  
ports are affected looks erratic if I compare macports installation on  
different machines. it only seems to be the case that there are more  
duplicates on older macports installations.

I have these questions:

the duplicate listings do not hint at any relevant corruption of my  
macports setup, right?

what is the reason for the occurrence of the duplicate listings?

is there a way to get rid of the duplicates?

thanks in advance

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