duplicate listing of ports by `port list installed'

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On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 6:33 AM, j. van den hoff
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> 1.
> the duplicate listings do not hint at any relevant corruption of my
> macports setup, right?


> 2.
> what is the reason for the occurrence of the duplicate listings?

There is a difference between "installed" and "active". At most one
installed version of a port will be active; the others are archived. You
might want to activate an older version if there turns out to be a
compatibility issue with the new version of a port, for example.

> is there a way to get rid of the duplicates?

sudo port uninstall inactive

If you're certain that you'll never need to use the old version of a port,
you can pass the -u option when upgrading ports to uninstall the old
version instead of inactivating it.

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