Question about +quartz vs. +x11 variants

David Favor david at
Thu Jun 20 10:13:54 PDT 2013

As these are mutually exclusive someone clarify the differences.

1) It appears specifying a +quartz variant uses code
    installed on a machine. Yes/No?

2) How does relate to the quartz-wm port? Specifically,
    "port install quartz-wm" + quartz-wm --version produces version 1.3.1 while the
    XQuartz site shows version 2.7.4 + the XQuartz site implies quartz-wm is part of
    it's code ("The quartz-wm window manager included with the XQuartz distribution...")

    So to use latest version of XQuartz, does this require installing the .dmg file
    from the XQuartz site?

3) Last. Seems like XQuartz is more up to date code than X11. Is there any situation
    where +x11 variant is preferred over +quartz?

This is all very confusing.

Thanks for your assistance.

- David

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