Question about +quartz vs. +x11 variants

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On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 1:13 PM, David Favor <david at> wrote:

> As these are mutually exclusive someone clarify the differences.
> 1) It appears specifying a +quartz variant uses
> code
>    installed on a machine. Yes/No?

No. +quartz means use native Mac OS X graphics, not any X11 implementation.

> 2) How does relate to the quartz-wm port?
> Specifically,
>    "port install quartz-wm" + quartz-wm --version produces version 1.3.1
> while the
>    XQuartz site shows version 2.7.4 + the XQuartz site implies quartz-wm
> is part of
>    it's code ("The quartz-wm window manager included with the XQuartz
> distribution...")

The individual ports comprising X11 in MacPorts are the same as the
distribution at, aside from differing paths.
They also have the same maintainer. But individual components (xorg-server,
quartz-wm, xterm, etc.) have their own version numbers, which are reflected
in the port versions; you would have to read the release notes in the
XQuartz distribution to see these for the dmg distribution.

3) Last. Seems like XQuartz is more up to date code than X11. Is there any
> situation
>    where +x11 variant is preferred over +quartz?

This question is somewhat incorrect given that +quartz does not refer to an
X11 distribution at all. But there are a number of Gtk+-based programs
which, while they can build using the native or X11 versions of the
toolkit, don't behave correctly with native graphics. (One example is that
xchat using the native toolkit doesn't scroll chat windows properly.)

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