Media server recommendation

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at
Fri Jun 28 17:06:03 PDT 2013

At 5:23 PM -0400 6/28/13, Dan Aldrich wrote:
>Been trying to set up a uPnP/DLNA server on my old iMac-G5. 
>Previously been sharing the media files with SMB. Ushare didn't work 
>out, kept getting bus errors, so assumed that it was too big for the 
>machine. Building MediatTomb right now and trying that.
>Any recommendations for something like this? miniupmp, mediatomb, 
>something I haven't thought of yet?

MythTV?  Myth includes video library management* and a UPNP server 
although I don't personally use these features.  When you configure 
Myth you tell it a list of directories that include videos and have 
it scan through them to create/update the listing and retrieve 
metadata.  More info on the Myth wiki:

NOTE that building Myth (mythtv-core.25) on a G5 may take *many 
hours* and has not been extensively tested (I know of one user 
running it successfully).  Also, I expect it will be confusing to 
work through the configuration since most people use Myth as a PVR 
and a lot of the steps relate to configuring the capture device and 
the source of program listings.


* Prior to Myth 0.25, the video functions resided in a plugin to 
MythTV.  Some older bits of the wiki haven't caught up to that change.

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