Media server recommendation

Dan Aldrich daldrich at
Fri Jun 28 19:08:16 PDT 2013

Should have added that I tried XBMC a while back and found it a bit 
too much. Really didn't need the whole UI, just a basic server. 
That's why I was trying uShare, wanted a minimal system. MediaTomb is 
still building, will see how that works out. Given time, I'll build MythTV.


At 08:06 PM 6/28/2013, you wrote:

>MythTV?  Myth includes video library management* and a UPNP server 
>although I don't personally use these features.  When you configure 
>Myth you tell it a list of directories that include videos and have 
>it scan through them to create/update the listing and retrieve 
>metadata.  More info on the Myth wiki:

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