tomcat6 port: I give up!

Murray Eisenberg murrayeisenberg at
Tue Mar 5 20:21:45 PST 2013

Over the past couple days I've posted several messages in this list about how to configure the tomcat6 port to work on OS X Mountain Lion, and I thank the respondents for their suggestions, whether public or private. But nothing has worked to the point that I cannot merely start tomcat but also view its index page at http://localhost:8080.

In desperation, I uninstalled the tomcat6 port and in its place installed Tomcat 7 following the instructions at:

This includes directly downloading the *nix version directly from And the instructions there pointed me to what seems like a sound way to be sure I'm using the current Java 7 jdk rather than the old, built-in Apple Java 6.

Tomcat 7 so far works like a charm. (I'll doubtless still struggle with building and installing the Apache httpd-Tomcat mod_jk connector.) 

And apparently Tomcat 7 will work for my real intended purpose -- which as the servlet container needed to run webMathematica.

Comments welcome!
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