Mac crashed while running port upgrade outdated

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Thu Mar 14 20:59:03 PDT 2013

On Mar 14, 2013, at 20:38, Sam Kuper wrote:

> I had a Macbook running OS X 10.6.8 crash just now due to a "TLB
> invalidation IPI timeout".

What do you mean "crash"? Do you mean a kernel panic that forced you to restart the computer? Or just that a program crashed?

> On that Macbook, I had recently run "sudo port selfupdate", which
> completed without errors, and had then executed "sudo port upgrade
> outdated", which was in the middle of running.
> The Macbook has now been rebooted and appears to be running OK, but
> I'm not sure what caused the crash. At this point, I've no reason to
> believe Macports was in any way responsible for the crash, but I'd be
> grateful if you could let me know:
> (a) whether there's a risk that a port might have been left in a
> perilous state as a result of the crash interrupting the "sudo port
> upgrade outdated" operation, and if so,
> (b) whether running "sudo port upgrade outdated" will be sufficient to
> sort this out, and if not,
> (c) which additional step(s) I ought to take to ensure the integrity
> of the Macports installation and of the installed ports.

Interrupting MacPorts during some phases can lead to problems with some ports. For example, if you interrupt a port activation, then try to activate it again, you might get complaints that some of the files being activated already exist.

Probably I'd "sudo port clean outdated" before trying to upgrade outdated again.

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