Backup Script for Mac OS X experiences?

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at
Tue Mar 19 04:17:55 PDT 2013

At 9:30 AM +0100 3/19/13, Niels Dettenbach wrote:
>before i take te time to sit down to write my own script:
>I'm looking for "typical" a Mac OS X backup script which takes regularly
>backups of some filesystem folders i.e. twice a day (i.e. by cron or similiar)
>incrementally or full copies over defined time periods (i.e. copies over 5
>days, 2 monthes, 1 year - delet outdated automaticall) to a external disk
>(i.e. by rsync and/or tar).
>It would be nice to have some script based stuff (i.e. shell or similiar)
>which is not relying from any binary compatibility as the user does system
>updates from time to time and is not able to rebuild with macports or

Time Machine

Automatic hourly incremental backups.  Daily backups are kept for a 
month; weekly for as long as possible.  Oldest backups are deleted 
when your disk becomes full.  Simple GUI.


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