Backup Script for Mac OS X experiences?

Niels Dettenbach nd at
Tue Mar 19 01:30:54 PDT 2013

Hi all,

before i take te time to sit down to write my own script:

I'm looking for "typical" a Mac OS X backup script which takes regularly 
backups of some filesystem folders i.e. twice a day (i.e. by cron or similiar) 
incrementally or full copies over defined time periods (i.e. copies over 5 
days, 2 monthes, 1 year - delet outdated automaticall) to a external disk 
(i.e. by rsync and/or tar).

It would be nice to have some script based stuff (i.e. shell or similiar) 
which is not relying from any binary compatibility as the user does system 
updates from time to time and is not able to rebuild with macports or 

many thanks in advance and best regards,

 Niels Dettenbach
 Syndicat IT & Internet

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