ports wget @1.14_2+ssl --continue issue

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Mon Mar 25 14:29:36 PDT 2013

On Mar 25, 2013, at 05:59, Martin Lambev wrote:
> On 25 Mar, 2013, at 6:00 PM, Martin Lambev wrote:
>> On 25 Mar, 2013, at 4:59 PM, Lawrence Velázquez wrote:
>>> On Mar 25, 2013, at 4:17 AM, Martin Lambev wrote:
>>>> I looked wget bug they mention this issue but could not find working solution altho they claim that this bug is fixed in recent version of wget?
>>> Can you provide a link to this information?
>> http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?21042
> Duplicate of this one: https://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?21714

Those bugs are about the file name being too long. You didn't show us the actual URL or filenames, but I'm guessing they're not extremely long.

> Found another one: http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?38281 I think this one is more closer to my case, and it's recent so it's not solved.
> But unfortunately the solution in this bug does not work on Mac (using tmp/ folder does not work either).

I don't really understand the bug report. The reporter didn't use words to describe the problem, they just pasted a transcript. The transcript shows that running wget from its normal location in $PATH (wherever that happens to be) doesn't work, but that running /tmp/wget (why is wget there? did the user copy it there? did the user compile it there from source?) works. Given the limited information in the bug report, I can't explain that.

> By accident I found out if I copy the file to external HDD ( FAT32 formatted)  wget --continue can continue with the interrupted file no more  "Cannot write to ‘foo.avi’ (Success)."
> So I guess it's something to do with my Mac file system - Mac OS Extended (Journaled) FS??? 
> Oh, here is worth mentioning that I'm using File Vault  ( Full disk encryption) so my guess is that this is the main problem.
> Because there is some changes in "Mountain Lion File Vault "

I am also using File Vault 2 on a Mac OS Extended Journaled filesystem on Mountain Lion. Using "wget --continue http://apple.com/" I do not get an error.

I suggest you work with the developers of wget to resolve this issue. I doubt it's a MacPorts-specific problem and the developers of wget will be better equipped to understand why their program would emit certain error messages.

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