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On Sun, Nov 24, 2013 at 9:31 AM, Ádám Juhász <jadaml at> wrote:

> I might have messed up the terms/names.
> By the “virtual terminal” I was referring the interface that you can
> access with ⌃⌥F1-6. That is not using X11, and I don’t have any clue how I
> pulled it off or how I figured that it could be possible with Links, but it
> didn’t worked out in the end. (I wanted to use that in

Oh, Linux framebuffer console. Even less portable than X11 mode; OS X
hasn't given you (easy) direct access to the console since 10.6 or
thenabouts and the API doesn't look anything like the Linux framebuffer.
You also can't use it concurrently with graphics (no virtual console
support). There might be support in the PureDarwin community if there still
is one and it hasn't completely bitrotted.

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