poedit @1.5.7_1: grayed out menu entries, disabled window

Rainer Müller raimue at macports.org
Thu Oct 17 00:55:31 PDT 2013


I am the maintainer of poedit.

On 2013-10-16 11:17, Davide Liessi wrote:
> I have just upgraded my installed ports and I have a problem with poedit.
> All menu entries are grayed out and the program window is completely
> disabled (if I click anywhere in the program window I get the alert
> sound from the system and nothing happens).
> Also, the only way to close the program is using "force quit".

I don't have any problems on Mac OS X 10.8.5. I would assume this to be
related to the latest update of wxWidgets to 3.0.0.

$ port -q installed wxWidgets-3.0
  wxWidgets-3.0 @3.0.0_1 (active)

Please make sure you also have this version (which should be the case
after upgrading poedit, but just to be sure).


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