Refresher on gcc port and the executables

Ian Wadham at
Wed Sep 11 05:54:52 PDT 2013

On 11/09/2013, at 8:22 PM, Tabitha McNerney wrote:
> I have been doing some more research and spoke with some people in the industry about certified compilers. Apparently a lot of progress has been made in the recent past and money has been flowing into the arena of certified compilers. What's preventing Apple from having a third party independent audit of their developer tools (which MacPorts depends on, and the rest of the world also depends on for a wide range of apps either for OS X or iOS)? Seriously, how hard would this be and I can't imagine it being a terrible expense to Apple to do this and show the world that its compilers are trojan free. 

So, write to Apple and ask them.
Cheers, Ian W.

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