Compiling software with c++11 support

William Gallafent william at
Wed Sep 11 08:17:50 PDT 2013

On 11 September 2013 16:07, Jakub Sochor <jakub at> wrote:
> So I would like to compile these packages with libc++ support. And probably it will be required to build with this support also their dependences.

Apologies for the “me too”, but me too :)

As Lawrence has said, there doesn't appear to be a standard way to do
this yet in macports. I would suggest that the sensible way to achieve
it is to add a variant (probably called “c++11”) to packages which use
C++, and to have that variant add the standard compiler and linker
flags to achieve the result you need! This doesn't help you
immediately of course, but it would be good to have a discussion here
(or in fact perhaps better on macports-dev, in fact) in order to start
getting this stuff in place (I'm sure that you and I are not the only
ones who will need this in the future!)

Bill Gallafent.

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