alt key in kde4-kile

Markus Perling markus.perling at
Wed Sep 25 01:43:44 PDT 2013

 Hi Ian,

thanks for the information.

> Most, if not all, KDE apps have a Settings->Configure Shortcuts… menu
> item, in which you can bind keys to actions however you like.  This is
> additional to the <appname>->Preferences where Apple OS X puts
> the major settings.

Unfortunately, the Kile version which came with macports doesn't have
Settings->Configure Shortcuts... (though Okular has it), and the usual
Preferences menu item is greyed out.

> On a full Linux/KDE system, I think a German keyboard would be
> automatically configured at Linux/KDE installation time.  So maybe
> have a look at a friend's Linux system to get ideas.

I don't think that it is a localization issue, as the keyboard layout
(Umlauts etc.) seems to be correct otherwise. It's just that the key
combination alt+number seem to be mapped to commands. On an english
keyboard one can probably ignore this, but on other keyboard layouts
this may block some often needed symbols (in my case the brackets
[,],{,}, which makes editing a latex document really awkward). But
then, the combinations alt+shift+number seem to work fine.


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