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> On Dec 1, 2014, at 4:49 AM, Dave Horsfall <dave at> wrote:
> On Mon, 1 Dec 2014, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> The second address you mentioned is not subscribed to the MacPorts 
>> lists. The first is.
> Aha...  The old trick of steal a subscriber's address, and post to the 
> list using it, thereby spamming the list.  I haven't seen that for some 
> years now.

Yup. . . .

Actually the increase in SPAM started sometime in August or maybe July.l

I have been getting a "ton" of "enlargement" and similar adds "again" from (, etc.) - which is my IMAP mail server.  had been clean for quite some time until this summer when I started seeing spam again.  I just have assumed that this was an artifact of the fact that Apple's mail system (or maybe Target's or Home Depos's) apparently had a bunch of email addresses "grabbed" some-how back in the spring or early summer. Yes, the spam is all coming through with valid email addresses.
By and large the Yosemite mail client manages to flag them for me -- once I've "retrained" it for this new round of crap. 

The important thing here is -- this is all spam which Apple's mail server had previously "prevented" -- or otherwise flagged, but which is now getting passed that filtering.
I do get a lot of stuff hitting my "junk" box which is configured to trigger off either Apple's mail server's flags or on its own flagging.

In the end its one of those things -- SPAM is simply a very efficient (i.e. cost productive) way to obtain money from the great unsuspecting hordes of "new users."
It's a "thing in life" that we just have to live with - learn to use the delete key!

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