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Dave Horsfall dave at
Mon Dec 1 01:49:49 PST 2014

On Mon, 1 Dec 2014, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> The second address you mentioned is not subscribed to the MacPorts 
> lists. The first is.

Aha...  The old trick of steal a subscriber's address, and post to the 
list using it, thereby spamming the list.  I haven't seen that for some 
years now.

Not a lot you can do, short of requiring authentication, as SMTP was never 
designed with security in mind.  Best you can do is run some sort of DNSBL 
check against posters, so had the malware site been listed then it 
would've been refused.

As it happens, it's listed at a number of sites, but you'd need to balance 
running a spam-free list against losing subscribers posting from spammy 

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