Howto enable gd for PHP 5.3.28

Tim Johnson tim at
Sun Feb 9 19:35:34 PST 2014

* Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> [140209 17:45]:
> No need to manually create a php symlink. Instead use:
> sudo port select php php54
> if you want “php” to be php54.
 Thank you 
> >  port installed name:php | grep \(active\)
  Better is 
>  port installed name:php and active

> Ok, so you have MacPorts apache2 installed. Still, that doesn’t tell me whether that’s the apache you’re using.
 I believe I am using the Apple apache
 So .... 
 1)I have to configure the config at 
   I can do that.
 2)I have to stop apple-httpd from auto-starting
   how? I think I need to find the plist file and remove it.
 3)I have to start the mac-httpd as an auto-starting daemon.
   Am I correct regarding the following command?
   sudo launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.macports.apache2.plist

   and to abitrarily start or restart  
   sudo /opt/local/apache2/bin/apachectl -k start
   sudo /opt/local/apache2/bin/apachectl -k restart

> You could also use:
> port installed name:php and active
> Ok, so you have the old php5 world, the new php53 world, and the
> new php54 world installed. Perhaps there is some opportunity for
> you to uninstall the world(s) you don’t need anymore.
  Yes. I should get to that. 
> APC has basically been superseded by opcache. Try php55-opcache instead.
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